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This calendar will be updated as the semester progresses.

Date Class Required Reading Additional Reading Assignment/Project

Introduction & Ubicomp



8/25/11 Ubicomp History Chapter 1 of text book; Weiser SciAm article,
reproduced in IEEE Pervasive Issue 1(distributed)

8/30/11 Project Introduction & Ideas I    

Find error in

Krumm foreword 

9/1/11 Project Introduction & Ideas II      
9/6/11 Challenges in Ubicomp

Some computer science issues in ubiquitous computing 


Software engineering issues for ubiquitous computing

Interacting with paper on the DigitalDesk

Disappearing Hardware

The Human Experience

(requires GTID and password to log into library account)


Giovanni Iachello

Invited Talk

9/13/11  Intro to Wearable Computing

The Challenges of Wearable Computing: Part I

The Challenges of Wearable Computing Part II

(requires GTID and password to log into library account)


Project Proposal Due

(Bring 2 hard copies of proposal to class)

9/15/11 Sensors      
9/20/11 Wearables and Design

(1) Development of a Commercially Successful Wearable Data Collection System

(2) Effects of Functionality on Perceived Comfort of Wearables

(3) Design for Wearability

(4) Emotional Design

9/22/11 Electronic Textiles

(1) Electrically Active Textiles And Articles Made Therefrom

(2) E-broidery: Design and Fabrication of Textile-based Computing

(3) A Construction Kit for Electronic Textiles

9/27/11 GUI to UUI Chapter 6 of Krumm's book    
9/29/11 Ubicomp 2011 Review Watch one or more videos or the presentations. We will discuss these in class.    
10/04/11 Ubicomp Systems Chapter 2 of Krumm's book

(1) System Software for Ubiquitous Computing 

(2) Automatic Partitioning

for Prototyping

Ubiquitous Computing


(3) One.world : Experiences with a Pervasive Computing Architecture



Field Studies

Evaluation Overview.ppt

Chapter 4 of Krumm's book

(1) Activity sensing in the wild: a field trial of ubifit garden

(2) Farther Than You May Think: An Empirical Investigation of the Proximity of Users to Their Mobile Phones

(3) Sensors and Surveys: Collecting Qualitative and Quantitative Data on Human Attitudes, Behaviors, and Activities via Mobile Phones

(4) Lessons learned from eClass: Assessing automated capture and access in the classroom 

(5) From the war room to the living room: decision support for home-based therapy teams 

(6) Getting Closer: An Empirical Investigation of the Proximity of User to Their Smart Phones

(7) How to Nudge In Situ: Designing Lambent Devices to Deliver Salience Information in Supermarkets

10/11/11 Field studies (cont'd)      Project 1 (Video Link + Write up)
10/13/11 Project 1 video show      
10/18/11 Fall Break      
10/20/11 Location I Chapter 7 of Krumm's book 

(1) When Recommendation Meets Mobile: Contextual and Personalized Recommendation On The Go

(2) The Domestic Panopticon: Location Tracking in Families

(3) Exploring End User Preferences for Location Obfuscation, Location-Based Services, and the Value of Location

(4) Bridging the Gap Between Physical Location and Online Social Networks

(5) Route Classification Using Cellular Handoff Patterns


10/25/11 Location II Same Same  
10/27/11 Context Aware Computing  Chapter 8 of Krumm's book    Project 2 Proposal Due
11/1/11 Context Aware Computing   

(1) The Calendar as a Sensor: Analysis and Improvement Using Data Fusion with Social Networks and Location

(2) Toolkit to Support Intelligibility in Context-Aware Computing Applications

(3) Identifying the Activities Supported by Locations with Community-Authored Content

(4) Passive and In-situ Assessment of Mental and Physical Well-being  using Mobile Sensors

(5) From Awareness to Connectedness: The Design and Deployment of Presence Displays

(6) PreHeat: Controlling Home Heating Using Occupancy Prediction

11/3/11 Surface interaction

Guest lecture by Craig Tashman


Touchscreen Technology

Applying Multitouch

(1) System Guidelines for Co-located, Collaborative Work on a Tabletop Display

(2) ThinSight: Integrated Optical Multi-touch Sensing through Thin Form-factor Displays 

(3) Low-Cost Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection 

11/8/11 Privacy Chapter 3 of Krumm book    
11/10/11 Privacy (cont'd)  

(1) Living in a Glass House: A Survey of Private Moments in the Home

(2) Privately Querying Location-based Services with SybilQuery

(3) On the Limitations of Query Obfuscation Techniques for Location Privacy

(4) From Spaces to Places: Emerging Contexts in Mobile Privacy 

(5) Whoʼs Your Best Friend? Targeted Privacy Attacks In Location-sharing Social Networks 

(6) Understanding How Visual Representations of Location Feeds Affect End-User Privacy Concerns

(7) A Framework for Comparing Perspectives on Privacy and Pervasive Technologies

11/15/11 Privacy (cont'd)      
11/17/11 Infrastructure Mediated Sensing  

(1) At the Flick of a Switch: Detecting and Classifying Unique Electrical Events on the Residential Power Line

(2) Detecting Human Movement by Differential Air Pressure Sensing in HVAC System Ductwork: An Exploration in Infrastructure Mediated Sensing

(3) A Longitudinal Study of Pressure Sensing to Infer Real-World Water Usage Events in the Home 


11/22/11 RFID

Guest lecture by Matt Reynolds - Slides


RFID - A Key to Automating Everything

11/29/11 Sensor analysis Chapter 9 of Krumm book (Lecture by Thomas Ploetz) - Slides Part I, Slides Part II    
12/1/11 Sensor analysis Lecture by Thomas Ploetz - Slides

(1) Accurate Activity Recognition in a Home Setting

(2) Activity Recognition of Assembly Tasks Using Body-worn Microphones and Accelerometers

(3) Transferring Knowledge of Activity Recognition Across Sensor Networks

(4) Mining models of human activities from the web

(5) Performance metrics for activity recognition

(6) A Long-Term Evaluation of Sensing Modalities for Activity Recognition

(7) Fine-Grained Activity Recognition by Aggregating Abstract Object Usage

12/6/11 Project 2 Poster Session I Project 2 Presentations - Sign up for a slot here.    
12/8/11 Project 2 Poster Session II Project 2 Presentations - Sign up for a slot here.   Project 2 Paper Due (Bring 2 hard copies)  



Final Exam (ugrad in-class time)  

CS 7470 MUC grad final Fall 2011.docx

CS 4605 Fall-10-final.doc

Graduate take-home exam due by 5:40 on 12/15.


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