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Paper and Video Guidelines

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Turn-in Process


  • Writeup - Due October 11th by the end of class
    • Upload it at your assignment in T-Square.
    • Also, bring TWO paper copies to class


  • Video - Due October 11th by the end of class
    • Need it in a digital format - no tapes please
    • Please do one of the following:
      • Upload to a public web space and upload a link at your assignment.
      • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and upload a link at your assignment.
    • If for some reason the above two are impossible, please bring the video in on a USB drive or a CD/DVD





  • The writeup will be 4 pages. It should follow the UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) format. Links to the Latex and Word templates for this format can be found here.
  • You may submit appendices which include design documents or other diagrams such as circuit layouts. These will not count towards your two pages.
  • The sections we would like to see in your writeup are:
    • Introduction - What you're doing, why it's important
    • Previous/Related work - What's already been done and why are you different
    • Your Work
    • Discussion - What have you learned
    • Future Work - What remains to be done for your project
    • Conclusions - Take home points/Recap
    • References
  • Note: not all of the examples given have all of these sections.








  • The video should be roughly 3-5 minutes.
  • Show, don't tell
  • These videos should be more about telling a story than just a rundown of technology. Demonstrate your work in action.
    • A simple way to include a tech description is to just have a still of the technology with text and arrows for a short time.

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